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SPD Kromeriz a.s. (former Magneton-SPD) was a subsidiary of the joint-stock company Magneton a.s. The business was established in 1999 after dividing of former plant - Special and Aerial technology. SPD Kromeriz took over complete production of aerial instrumentation, contactors, special products and automotive electrical equipments.



  • We produce and supply new products, spare parts, we offer repairs of assemblies, renovation, maintenance, verification and adjustment in our company service area or in your company. We are able to manufacture or modify some products on customer demand as well. Experienced technicians are always ready to provide you technical assistance of our product range.

Range of products

  • Aerial instrumentation:
    Aerial instrumentation for L 410, L 159, L 59, L 139, L 39 and ZLIN:Magneto, starter, dynamo, regulator, relay, buzzer...
  • Special products:
    Special products for BMP-I., BMP-II., T-72, T-55:Relay box, resistance box, control desk, cables, limiter, electric motor, gyroblock, filter, regulator...
  • Contactors:
    Aerial and automotive Contactors: Direct Voltage 6 - 48V or on customer demand, Current 40 - 400A.
  • Automotive relays:
    Closing relays, separating relays, change-over relays with Nominal Voltage 6, 12, 24V and Current 5 - 40A. Fitting: by means of five-position ISO connector.
  • Switch Boxes:
    Switch boxes are used for switching electrical devices on or off, such as headlamps, starters, and ignition devices, in motorcycles and tractors.
  • Others:
    Small motor of oil heating, waterproof contactor box, electromagnet, remote battery disconnecter, semiconductor regulator, winch motor ...



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